Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why I Love Working From Home, part 1

As I was logging onto my computer this morning I was thinking about how much I like working from home.  In fact, I was so grateful for my work situation that it inspired me to start a series of short posts about all of the things I enjoy about working from home.
I’m going to start this series with the single best thing about working from home…  the weather.

It is currently -13 outside.  I am sitting inside of my nice warm house with my central heat going and a space heater pointing right at me. I am comfy and warm. I didn’t have to bundle up in a thousand layers of clothes just to get to my car, then pray that my car would actually start. I didn’t have to worry about packing a lunch so that I could avoid getting out in it again just to get food. The only time that this weather will impact me at all is when I take my pups out for potty breaks.

On the flip side, it will eventually get warm again (at least I hope!). When it does I can take the dogs for walks in the sunshine on my lunch. I can open the windows and have cool breezes. I can even work on the patio if I am so inclined.

So, on this horribly cold day that is why I love working from home.
Signing off from the warm, cozy cocoon of my desk.

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