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Semi-Perfect is all about overcoming perfectionism by celebrating the things that you love. It is all about realizing that somebody else's version of perfect just does not apply to your life. You get to decide what is perfect for your life.  Whether you are single or married, no kids or a houseful, live in a cottage or a mansion, it just doesn't matter. If you are happy and are living your life as you want, then you have all the perfection that you need. 

About Barcy
I’m an adventurous, middle-aged woman. I work in technology and love to travel.  I’m married to my soul mate.  We met in the army, but are both civilians now.  I'm also mama to three very special furry, four-legged children - Harley Quinn is a cat and Piglet and Rocket are both shorty Jack Russell terriers. I'm a native Texan that lives in Ohio.  The mid-west must be in my soul, because I really love it here.
I enjoy cooking everything from chicken fried steak to beouf bourguignon (that’s right – I’m a native Texan with a Julia Child obsession).  I'm a big believer in the body-positive movement, but I have a hard time applying it to myself.  It is tough trying to love myself for just exactly who I am, while also trying to improve myself and be the best version of me. 

If you are looking for a blog with more of a business outlook, please check out my new blog all about business analysis,  B.A. Boss.

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