Tuesday, January 14, 2014


We aren’t even two weeks into 2014 and it has already been a very tough year.  There have been so many things happening and so many things changing. I feel like a leaf in a windstorm – completely at the mercy of events beyond my control.
My father-in-law passed away last week. Although I am heartbroken to lose him, I am so glad that he is no longer in pain. Pancreatic cancer is awful. Nobody should have to go thru what he did, and he handled it all with dignity and grace. I am in awe of his strength.  My husband’s family is not really into verbalizing their feelings, so I don’t know that I ever told my FIL how much I love him. I hope that he knows.
My FIL had a beautiful Australian Shepherd. We have adopted her and she has been such a joy. The poor girl was incredibly traumatized by the loss of her daddy. Luckily, she has settled into our home very quickly.  We have shown her lots and lots of love and she seems to understand that she is safe and that this is where she belongs. She has had a wonderful time playing with my Jack Russell puppy. They bonded as sisters in about 24 hours.  
I have had two important lessons seared into my brain the last couple of weeks. The first is to never take for granted your time on earth because you just never know when it will be over.   The second is to always let the people that you love know how you feel.  Someday it will be too late.

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