Saturday, July 1, 2017

Reflections on a Power Outage

Our power went out earlier today. Cue the hysterics! My first reaction was to stress about all of the things I wanted to get done today. Suddenly I was transformed into some perfect Martha Stewart clone that had an intense schedule of things to accomplish. I needed to bake a pie, write a book, sew a  new wardrobe, cure cancer in my home laboratory. And, darn it, those things require electricity. So what if my original plans for the day included none of those things. Now that I couldn't do them, I had an intense NEED to get them done right...this...minute!

In the midst of my stressing my youngest pup jumped in my lap and explained to me that this was the perfect excuse to do nothing. I could just relax, do nothing, and pet the puppy for as long as he wanted. Have I mentioned that the pup is very wise?

Rocket the wise sleeping in my lap during the outage

So, until the power comes back on you will find me sitting by the open window, reading a book, and cuddling with a sleepy puppy. May all your weekends have an equally low-key start.

Have a Semi-Perfect day!

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