Friday, February 17, 2017

Road Trip Essentials

Whenever we make a long road trip I like to pack a little container of essentials to make the drive a bit more comfortable. The one I’m sharing today was packed for a solo road trip the hubby is making this week-end.

Road trip essentials

Since he is traveling solo, I packed open bins to sit in the passenger seat so it would be easy for him to reach.  I used two smaller bins so that I could put snacks in one and smaller items in the other.  For snacks I like to pack things like trail mix, crackers, or dried fruit since they aren’t very messy. You can also cut down on the mess by using resealable packaging.

Road trip essentials

In the second bin I put all of the small odds and ends. For this trip I packed a small first aid kit, over the counter medicine, a zipper bag with change for tolls, spare phone charger, tissues, and a pair of reading glasses.

Road trip essentials

The best part about these bins is that they are extremely customizable. You can use whatever bins, baskets, or other container you have on hand. You can purchase store bought snacks, or make your own. Choose whatever over the counter meds you need most. The whole point of these bins is to make your trip more comfortable, so you can pack whatever suits your fancy

Road trip essentials

One last note - I didn't include things like sunglasses and a roadside emergency kit since I keep those in the car all the time.

What are your "can't live without" road trip essentials?

Have a Semi-Perfect Day!

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